Our logistic solutions are made 100 %
on-demand to any customer requirements in
the following activities:

• Non Emergency Medical Transportation

• Pharmacy prescriptions Delivery

• Adult Day Care

• Medical Supplies delivery

• Home Health Care

• Medical and Legal Translators

• SACS AWS Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud and Mobility solutions with Google and Microsoft technologies.

• Managed by us for our clients

• Managed by clients.

• Managed by our SACS partners (franchise granted services) for their clients.

• With SACS there is no limit to solve any transport model.

• From transport activities that do not require the participation of many drivers, dispatchers, and supervisors to those that are really complex with many clinics, medical centers, or locations.

• Scheduling and Dispatching

• Routing and Mapping

• Electronic Patient Control

• EHR and EMR integration

• Outmoded NEMT software migration to SACS

• Fleet Management

• Integration with GPS and other third party.

• Business Continuity Management

• Information Security Management

• After 26 years of activity, our reputation is based on our excellent product, our unmatched professional services, and our incomparable customer support.

• We offer SLA metrics that provide customer service 365 days a week, 7 days a week with the phone, chat, or email support.

• In this pandemic situation due to Covid 19, we have further increased our support to our customers and partners.