NEMT Demographic Analysis: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Needs of Older and Middle-Aged Adults

NEMT Demographic Analysis: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Needs of Older and Middle-Aged Adults in rural areas have unique transportation barriers to accessing health care, including a lack of public transportation options and considerable distances to health-related services.

This study contrasts non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service utilization patterns and associated costs for older and middle-aged adults in rural versus urban areas.

Data from 39,194 Delaware NEMT users residing in rural (68.3%) and urban (30.9%) areas were then analyzed. Therefore, the multivariate logistic analyzes compared the characteristics of the trip by designation of rurality.

Results: Participants from rural (37.2%) and urban (41.2%) used the services more frequently for dialysis than for any other medical problem.

Older age and personal accompaniment were more common, and wheelchair use was less common for rural trips. The average cost per trip was higher for rural users (difference of $ 2,910 per trip), which was attributed to the greater distance per trip in rural areas.

Conclusions: Among a sample that was eligible for subsidized NEMT and that used this service, rural trips tended to be longer and therefore more expensive. More than 50% of the trips were made for dialysis, highlighting the need to address prevention and potentially improvements in health services for rural dialysis patients.

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